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Agnes rose up from her father's side, before long; and going softly to her piano, played some of the old airs to which we had often listened in that place.
The morning sun looked softly down upon the broad green earth, which like a mighty altar was sending up clouds of perfume from its breast, while flowers danced gayly in the summer wind, and birds sang their morning hymn among the cool green leaves.
This young man is the count's son," she added more softly.
It's the birthday of our happiness," said Anne softly.
He walked with a springier step, he carried a little cane and he was whistling softly to himself.
But if the noise were made by a man or boy who moved softly and therefore suspiciously, Jerry learned to growl loudly; if the noise were loud and careless, then Jerry's growl was soft.
White Fang tried to draw the thong softly out of his master's hand; but the relaxed fingers closed tightly and Grey Beaver roused himself.
I am rather afraid that Doctor Softly was not a clever medical man; for in spite of his great connections, he did not get a very magnificent practice as a physician.
Besides," he added, softly, "I had to have his signature; I am insuring his life.
He opens his door; wheels himself softly into the corridor; locks the doors of the two empty bedrooms, and returns (with the keys in his pocket) to his own room.
Fentolin raised to his lips and blew softly a little gold whistle which hung from a chain attached to his waistcoat.
The man winced several times and groaned once; softly while the change was being made; but in the end he found Pollyanna's lap a very welcome substitute for the rocky hollow in which his head had lain before.