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SOIL. The superficies of the earth on which buildings are erected, or may be erected.
     2. The soil is the principal, and the building, when erected, is the accessory. Vide Dig. 6, 1, 49.

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Implementation of Risk Mitigation Measures for Soil Fumigant Pesticides 2009.
Brief Report: Illness Associated with Drift of Chloropicrin Soil Fumigant into a Residential Area--Kern County, California, 2003.
No methyl bromide or any other soil fumigant was used in the study, since they have become too costly for many small growers and nonchemical and nonchemical alternatives are being sought.
Mustards' isothiocyanates are similar in composition to the active ingredient in the common synthetic soil fumigant Vapam.
Scientists are now trying to breed plants that contain more glucosinolates in their roots, in hope of replacing commercial soil fumigants Like the biologically nasty and ozone-depleting methyl bromide.
In addition, produce is grown hydroponically, without the use of soil, eliminating the possibility for soil-borne contamination and the need for herbicides or soil fumigants.
Pistachio farmers use soil fumigants to control nematodes (microscopic worms) which reduce crop yields; almond orchards often are fumigated before the trees are planted to prevent damage from nematodes.
Clean Air Act, the DPR must reduce agricultural emissions of smog-forming VOCs from soil fumigants and other pesticides.
The VF regulator can be connected to cultivator shanks for subsurface applications of liquid fertilizer and soil fumigants or used for above-ground streaming applications.
In field trials on sandy soils with raised beds, they found that VIF can retain alternative soil fumigants at higher concentrations, and for longer periods, than the standard, high-density polyethylene film now used.
PAN's calls for reform include setting phase-out goals for bad-actor pesticides, banning soil fumigants, putting greater priority on transitioning to less toxic pest control methods and allotting more funding for research.
com), headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, produces and markets specialty chemical solutions, including fertilizers, soil fumigants and process chemicals and services to diverse markets in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America and selected European countries and the United Kingdom.