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Garay, Sojourner Center is expanding it services in Arizona's diverse communities.
Previous research has discussed the benefits of preparing the sojourner for reentry (Brown, 2009; Butcher, 2002; Gaw, 2000; La Brack, 1993; Lau & Ng, 2012; Lester, 2000; Martin & Harrell, 2004; Szkudlarek, 2009).
Nuptial music was presented by Peggy Taylor, pianist, and Rona Barrett, violinist Vocalists were Brian Barfoot, Vonda Laird, Shellie Sojourner, and Jennifer Sojourner.
Washington's biography of Sojourner Truth, who was born a slave in 1797, is a significant contribution to the literature, as well as an intimate treatment of the life of one of these antislavery activists.
The sages quote the Torah: Now when there sojourns with you a sojourner in your land (Lev.
Paradoxically, it is this visitor, or sojourner, among us whose legacy will be remembered through the newly endowed Harold S.
McKnight (center) receives her scholarship from Connie Phillips, executive director of the Sojourner Center (I) and Ms.
The images sent back from Mars via the Sojourner rover granted Earthlings a thrilling first view of the Red Planet's terrain.
Unlike the 1997 Sojourner - the first Mars land rover - Spirit and Opportunity are bigger and better-equipped.
And the rest of the world fell in love, crowding around TV screens and jamming Web pages in record numbers to ogle the planet's never before seen contours as recorded by the vessel's little roving camera, Sojourner.
At the same rime, Chen critiques the sojourner thesis that suggests that Chinese immigrants viewed the United States only as a temporary home.
To make matters even simpler, Sojourner Farms sells pet food mix consisting of human-quality grains, herbs, ground nuts and sea vegetables.