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Thin solderable coatings are desirable mainly in electronics and micro-electronics, since soldering of parts should be executed in very short times.
The new process also results in a material with superior solderability -- the ability to bond with two solderable materials.
To assure fully activated flux, the solderable surfaces (including the topside annular rings) must reach a minimum of 212[degrees]f.
The 304-103 is a 3V DC surface mount reflow solderable vibration motor.
In this manner, the flux is not burned off and can still protect solderable surfaces from oxidation during soldering.
In a release, the company said the lead-free HAL finish provides an enhanced solderable finish for assembly and meets all legislation requirements for the European Union's Rolls Directive six months ahead of the July deadline.
The WMX series is dip solderable, with an operating temperature of -40[degrees] to 85[degrees]C.
The lead-free glass-ceramic formulation also provides very high strength and may be used in wire-bond, solderable, brazable, and plateable applications.
On May 6, 2013, Vishay Intertechnology (Vishay) introduced 10 solderable FRED Pt Hyperfast and Ultrafast recovery rectifiers that include the industry's first 3 A devices in the SMA package, 3 A and 4 A devices in the SMB package, and 4 A and 5 A devices in the SMC package.
Larger and wider pads can be fabricated with various techniques to yield copper and copper base metal solutions with and without enhanced solderable surfaces.
HAVERHILL, MA - A US-based research firm and a Japanese PWB fabricator have reportedly developed a solderable thick-film circuit system on a thin flexible substrate.