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Thin solderable coatings are desirable mainly in electronics and micro-electronics, since soldering of parts should be executed in very short times.
The new process also results in a material with superior solderability -- the ability to bond with two solderable materials.
The fully caliberated and reflow solderable SHT25 is characterized by the same features of the humidity sensor SHT21.
In a release, the company said the lead-free HAL finish provides an enhanced solderable finish for assembly and meets all legislation requirements for the European Union's Rolls Directive six months ahead of the July deadline.
A variety of terminations are available, including solderable, epoxy bondable and wire bondable styles.
A conference, organised by Schloetter, was held in Penang in September 2002 to discuss the latest alternatives to lead-containing solderable coatings and other related electronic component plating issues.
The product also eliminates many problems associated with providing an EMI/RFI/ESD shield between solderable and non-solderable surfaces such as stamped metal, plated finishes and shielding paints.
The COOLiR2DIE(TM) package platform supports all of IR's Solderable Front Metal (SFM) capable technologies including IGBTs, MOSFETs and diodes and scales to large die sizes also supporting multi-die attach outlines.
The SDP3x sensor is reflow solderable and provides extended functionality, such as multiple I2C addresses and interrupts.
Highly resistant to corrosion, KAT ENIG is solderable and aluminum wire bondable, and an ideal contacting surface.
Limited Tenders are invited for High Voltage 24 Pin Solderable Socket And Plug
Die products are also available with solderable front metal (SFM) for improved thermal performance, reliability and efficiency.