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Laurence; while almost no misprints occur, the text abounds with solecisms and is redundant to the point of distraction.
Wordsmiths and sillabub dweebs drag out your solecisms, your argots, your idioms, patters, lingua franca and gobbledygook.
The chapters on the poets do make this book worthwhile and do much to compensate for its weaknesses, which include a depressing amount of solecisms and grammatical errors.
59)--and numerous solecisms, such as those in the following sentence: "The streets were littered with crutchers, rhinocerous products, muslin fundamentalists, celeried employees and their pardners, bonsai baobabs, dawgs" (p.
The volume abounds with dangling participles, solecisms, weird locutions, and other lapses from correct and idiomatic Anglophone usage.
Equally detailed are the seventy-two pages of explanatory notes, illuminating the many proverbial resonances and literary affiliations underpinning the text while also clarifying the obscurities and solecisms which, as the editor repeatedly shows, are as often as not to be laid at the door of later copyists in the poem's textual transmission.
Spelling is usually seen as a purist concern, but at a few points more care would have prevented some solecisms.
Calls are being made for increased `human intelligence' in the place of such solecisms as `digital intelligence' and `military intelligence'.
Jena Osman, author The Character (Beacon, 1999) and Amblyopia (Avenue B, 1993), co-editor of Chain, and an Assistant Professor at Temple University, read a series of investigations into censorship and language, work patterned around recurrent puns, solecisms, and homophones.
Kathleen Much, who does her editing in the shadow of fair Stanford and possesses laser vision when the subject is solecisms, filed twin indictments on June 15: "What a difference an 'r' makes
She expects readers to overlook the solecisms and blithe innuendoes, taking on faith the salience of her thoughts.
The polemical overkill also leads to some peculiar solecisms.