solemn affirmation

See: averment, oath
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Her answer to this, on her own solemn affirmation, is as plain as words can be.
termed as aggrieved person in terms of Section 10(1) of the Ordinance, according to which a complaint shall be made in writing on solemn affirmation or oath and shall be addressed to the Federal Tax Ombudsman by the person aggrieved or, in the case of his death, by his legal representative.
To the extent that the Policy interferes with a citizenship judge's duty to allow candidates for citizenship the greatest possible freedom in the solemnization or the solemn affirmation of the oath, it is unlawful," he wrote.
I expect that this roll signing ceremony will prove to be an occasion of solemn affirmation by the advocates that they will continue their struggle for safeguarding justice and fair play at all times," he said.
Baxter took the solemn affirmation - a secular version of the oath - at the start of business in the Parliament.
the Supreme Court of Canada said: "There remain compelling reasons to prefer statements made under oath, solemn affirmation or solemn declaration.
The election of the Speaker is the only business MPs are allowed to conduct before they have taken the oath of allegiance - or made the non-religious solemn affirmation - to the Queen.
After business transactions, for example, 'The Opening' is recited by both parties as a mark of good faith and a solemn affirmation of the responsibilities affirmed by each partner.
But every one of the 65 witness to appear was required to take an oath or solemn affirmation.
As a civil servant I have appeared before committees something like 250 or 300 times and this is the first time I have had to swear an oath or make a solemn affirmation.
Rule 172-A added to the Rule of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Senate, 2012 on April this year clearly states that, "The Committee shall have power to require the attendance of any person or summon production of papers, records from any Division, department, autonomous body, semiautonomous body or organization, or examine such persons on oath or solemn affirmation, or invite or summon any person to give evidence in relation to any matter under its consideration.
Perhaps the mixed signals are the clearest evidence that the period leading up to Geneva, assuming it takes place, will be one full of solemn affirmations as well as posturing, conditions and counter-conditions, measured criticism and exasperated rage.