solemn agreement

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As NDFP chief political consultant, I advise the NDFP to recommend to the CPP and NPA to respect the Jasig (Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees) as a solemn agreement that protects the negotiating personnel of both the NDFP and GRP (Government of the Republic of the Philippines),' Sison said in statement issued from his base in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on Sunday.
All we have is solemn agreement that something ought to be done.
India's external affairs minister ruled out revisiting of the pact, saying "we cannot go back on the solemn agreement between two governments".
A fundamental question for me is why so many believe we owe so little to the people of Attawapiskat, with whom our federal government entered into a solemn agreement in the form of Treaty 9?
But a treaty has always been a solemn agreement between two or more sovereign states, and the UN has never been a sovereign state.
Story after story has appeared telling the tale that the IRA is welshing on a solemn agreement to hand in its guns, and that said refusal is quite reasonably prompting reluctance on the part of David Trimble and his Ulster Unionist Party to pursue the terms of the peace process to which Trimble set his name, thus earning him a share of the Nobel Peace Prize.
and axed the solemn agreement to sell the 600 megawatt nuclear power reactor.
We've had a solemn agreement to support one another but we've not had a joint meeting for a long time.
Treaties are solemn agreements that set out promises, obligations and benefits for both parties.