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Notice is hereby given that I, George Seaton, of Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 9BP have applied for approval of the above premises for the solemnisation of civil marriages/ civil partnership.
4) A will that is expressed to be made in contemplation of marriage generally is not revoked by the solemnisation of a marriage of the testator.
446) Zanzibar Marriage Solemnisation and Registration (Marriage Act), Cap.
Five days later, they finally reached a local court, and filed an affidavit in the court as a formal solemnisation of their marriage.
The petitioner through his petition submitted that the legislations that govern the solemnisation of Christian marriages were introduced during the colonial era and were practically outdated.
Those wishing to have a religious solemnisation of their marriage after registering their civil partnership would be entirely free to do so.
It is imperative to prove that both the parties were Hindus at the time of the solemnisation of marriage," the court said.
Kuala Lumpur, Aug 17 (ANI): An illegal marriage broker in Malaysia is said to be offering couples an "express solemnisation service" via the telephone that takes just 10 minutes to complete.
And following the Marriage Act 1994, thousands of inspirational venues have been granted a licence for the solemnisation of marriage include hotels, stately homes, civil halls, restaurants, castles, sports grounds, schools, museums and even zoos.
Ps 127 Common Worship translation) A bit of Trollope but any time I have used it at the Solemnisation of Holy Matrimony, you get a funny feeling in the Church.
On Wednesday, they finally reached a local court, and filed a formal affidavit in the court as a formal solemnisation of their marriage.
Addressing an orientation and training programme, jointly organised by Women Development Department (WDD) and UNICEF, to impart awareness among the stakeholders regarding the law that restrains solemnisation of child marriages here on Wednesday, he said that a provincial monitoring committee would also be formed to deal with issues arising in this connection and to oversee the performance of district committees.