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But, secondly, there is an unease - perhaps even an unwillingness - for same-sex marriages to be solemnised in church because the church has hitherto defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman for life.
The Rev Alex Brown, 61, allegedly solemnised around 360 bogus weddings during a four-year period at the church of St Peter and St Paul in St Leonard's, East Sussex.
And the marriage of John Paul Rowe and Carly Stephenson, of Coulby Newham, was the last he solemnised in his role before retirement.
In 2004 more than half of marriages were civil - with 68 per cent solemnised by civil ceremonies.
In 2004, 68% of marriages were solemnised by civil ceremonies
According to details, the case was registered 22 people, including members of a jirga, the person who solemnised the nikah and the bridegroom.
Summary: The marriage was solemnised by Ravi Shankar during his journey through Uttar Pradesh.
A party spokesman, when contacted, claimed that nikah was solemnised at a simple ceremony in Lahore on Sunday and it was performed by Mufti Saeed the man who had also performed the second nikah of Mr Khan with TV personality Reham Khan in 2015.
630GB had solemnised love marriage with her cousin Imtiaz Hussain about six years ago and gave birth of 4 kids.
A large number of marriages were solemnised in over 20 refugee relief camps of Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts between September and December last year.
The report further said that Thompson came to Karachi earlier this month before going to see Akram's ailing father in Lahore, where the marriage was solemnised.
Summary: The marriage of a neurologist in Delhi was scheduled to be solemnised with a girl from Sugauli village