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Civil authorities may permit religious leaders to solemnize marriages but not to determine who may enter or leave a civil marriage.
Vital Statistics Agency which employs the province's marriage commissionaries sent out a letter ordering those "who feel they cannot solemnize same-sex marriages" to "resign their appointments" effective March 31.
They proposed to solemnize their vows just before an already planned special banquet the night before the last day of the tour.
To be fair, at one point he mentions "long-term, committed loving relationships between two people" as something "many people on campus believe that society should cherish and solemnize," but again we are left to assume that he is among these many, although he does not actually say he is.
Wrote Judge Ronald Lee Gilman, "[T]he content of the prayers delivered at the school board meetings clearly went beyond what was necessary to solemnize or bring a more businesslike decorum to such meetings.
They would only solemnize the rights the city has granted gay couples since its domestic partnership law took effect on Valentine's Day in 1991.
We are gathered here today to solemnize the weddings of 1,111 couples under Kano state's mass wedding program," Deputy Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje said at the ceremony, the fourth of its kind since May 2012.
The legislation allows active, retired or senior bankruptcy judges of the United States Bankruptcy Courts for the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of Pennsylvania to solemnize marriage vows.
And, for the 22 orphan girls in Varanasi, that moment came on Friday when the district administration helped them solemnize their marriage in a mass wedding.
Wearing Indian attire both bride and groom arrived at the 'Mankameshwar Temple' dedicated to Lord Shiva to solemnize their marriage.
Sanias family is reportedly in touch with a qazi to solemnize the marriage.