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Romualdez said the Family Code of the Philippines recognizes as valid a marriage solemnized under the laws of the Church.
New Delhi [India], Dec 11 ( ANI ): Marriages are made in heaven but they are solemnized here on earth.
The police when taken loving birds into custody they showed legal document of their marriage was solemnized in the court of Swabi, police confided.
The law applicable to the contractual legal regime of matrimonial property spouses may choose the law of the state in which they are both domiciled, or will be domiciled, in the future, or the law of the state in which the marriage was solemnized, or the law of the state of which one of the spouses is a citizen of.
Behind Topsell's distinction between permissible "bundling" of promised couples and the sinful behavior of unpromised couples stand the tension and ambivalence of the end of the sixteenth century with regard to contracts of marriage, solemnized ceremonies in the church and promises of marriage.
District Judge John Shabaz ruled that a provision in the Wisconsin budget requiring taxpayer-financed clergy to help "develop communitywide standards for marriages solemnized in this state" is unconstitutional.
Sita Malla, 24, and Rupa Shrestha, 16, textile workers from Nawalparasi District, solemnized their marriage according to Nepalese tradition, the Gorkhapatra newspaper said.
The true reason why Independence Day, the Fourth of July, should be solemnized is that a country of people, for the first time in recorded history, declared its independence from an overbearing monarchy and embarked upon creating the first and only government of the people, by the people and for the people that has endured more than 200 years.
Parents of both brides and the grooms are more interested in marriage solemnized with benefit manner rather than in making the occasion colourful and memorable, said Sobia Ali.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister of state for water and power Abid Sher Ali hassaid that 'Moulvi with white cap' has solemnized Nikah of PTI and PPP after Panama case decision.
Police said on Saturday that Ehsan Ullah of Sillanwali used to work in Kotly, Azad Kashmir and during this period he solemnized love marriage with Safina Bibi and came to his town and settled in Sikandar Sultan colony.