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This funding opportunity solicits applications for ACE Networks supported by the R01 mechanism.
The second ANPR solicits public comments on ways the Board should implement amendments to TILA made by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (Bankruptcy Act).
two types of non-profit corporations: "soliciting corporation" that solicits public donations or receive government funding and "non-soliciting corporation".
The potential for overreaching is significantly greater when a lawyer, a professional trained in the art of persuasion, personally solicits an unsophisticated, injured or distressed layperson," Kennedy wrote.
The editor pores over the responses, seeks opinions from editorial board members, and sometimes solicits the views of special consultants.
A distributor who solicits new distributorships obtains indirect benefits through increased market, volume discounts, and the opportunity to become a "direct distributor.
Madison monitors her neighborhood by taking different routes to and from school each day, e-mails or faxes reports of graffiti and bulk litter to city officials, participates in city cleanups, attends community meetings, solicits volunteer help, and works to promote community awareness and pride.
This PAR solicits applications from investigators in these different fields to combine these data, reagents and methodologies to elucidate the genetic basis of cell biological events, including embryonic development and organogenesis.
ii) Any other person only when the person sells, solicits, advertises, or offers an insurance product or annuity to a consumer at an office of the bank or on behalf of a bank.
SCE's RFO solicits two types of contract proposals: Fast-track proposals for new resources that could be online by August 2010, and standard-track proposals for new resources that could be online by August 2013.
As chairperson of the hospital's Teen Committee, Julianne organizes fund-raising events, recruits other teen volunteers, solicits donations from organizations and businesses, and spends time talking and playing with hospitalized children.
October 16th Event Solicits Volunteers to Assist with Hurricane Recovery Efforts by Several Central Florida Nonprofit Groups