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Custom processors who serve more than one industry and offer multiple types of processes would be well served by investing in a range of pumps and metering equipment for liquid color, as well as various sized feeders for solid color.
In our laboratory testing, we have found that most commercial water-based solid color stains have good adhesion to unweathered wax-treated lumber and that the six month weathering may not be necessary.
Utilizing COLOR RICH Technology, Olympic ELITE stain delivers new levels of clarity in transparent stains and rich, low-luster solid colors that will resist mildew and algae on the paint film better than standard flat, solid color stains, according to the company.
25 Color When manufactured in a solid color, PVC decorative films shall be of consistent color throughout the rolls supplied to customers.
Bestow Mens Fashion Ltd is an online mens accessory shop in Canada and offers a stylish range of mens designer ties including skinny ties, paisley ties, striped ties, silk ties, bow ties, wedding ties, solid color ties and more that can be worn in any formal occasions.
For the emerging applications in larger 3D auto exterior and interior parts, one trend is toward so-called dry-paint films that provide solid colors, brushed metal, or bright chrome effects.
Abet Laminati has updated its solid color selection.
The Cabot Composite Deck Care System includes three components: Composite Cleaner, a maximum strength, powdered concentrate that removes mildew and dirt; Composite Decking Stain, a mixture of oil and water hybrid chemistry; and Solid Color Composite Decking Stain, fortified with urethane to coat the deck with a durable and rigid film, and designed to resist ultra-violet rays.
Instead of a veneer that might crack or peel, leaving an unsightly scar, Conan was solid color to its heart, so that any dents or scratches would just reveal more of the same.
Willing to settle for solid color sheets in a cotton/polyester blend?
Just about anyone can put a solid color tie with a patterned shirt, or vice-versa, but the ability to put patterns together in a harmonized way results in a much more sophisticated and contemporary look," he explains.
The piece is run from the outside by two technicians in lab coats who change the color inside the orb from deep blue to red to green--creating the sensation of a pure, parameter-less field of solid color.