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The investment provides a solid vote of confidence in the long term value of Ithaca by a successful oil and gas investor and provides additional flexibility to execute the financial and strategic priorities of the business.
Even as the Telugu Desam Party continues its efforts to make its presence felt in Telangana thanks to a solid vote bank of Seemandhra people in the region, Shabbir said that Naidu's government in Andhra Pradesh had obstructed power supply to Telangana during last Kharif season, leading to the huge loss of crop and causing many farmers to commit suicide.
His fondness for boosting economic activity found a solid vote bank in an electorate who was literally crying for economic development.
However, KE-tahya votes for the party instead of the individual, and there is a solid vote for the AK Party here that is not easy to change," some KE-tahya locals say.
The Majlis approved President Rohani's first budget Sunday with remarkable speed and minimal changes in a solid vote of confidence in the new administration.
Slavin's acceptance of our invitation represents a solid vote of confidence in the direction we've embarked upon both in terms of existing and future treatments and in the progress we've already made.
Alsayed remarked: "The awarding of infrastructure works signals a solid vote of confidence by developers and investors alike on both Bahrain's immediate prospects and the longer term.
I think all those interested in Canadian military heritage should render a solid vote of thanks to the "Honour our 1812 Heroes" group for bringing about a long-overdue acknowledgement of the valour of our ancestors.
WL Ross provided Greenbrier liquidity, financial flexibility, access to a stronger balance sheet, and a solid vote of confidence when we needed it at the height of the global financial crisis," said William A.
They have acted poorly and deserve a good solid vote of no.
IN THE MIDST OF ALL THE bad economic news, the American Legislative Exchange Council gives Arkansas a solid vote of confidence.
Mr Prentis added: "This is a solid vote for action and a clear message to the local government employers that our members are willing to fight for a decent pay rise.

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