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It was also an experience of women in solidarity through writings and readings.
We see the World Solidarity Fund as an innovative mechanism that will support national development efforts with the energy of community-based organisations, the commitment of individuals, and the vibrancy of the private sector," said the Administrator.
But solidarity with Iraqis requires a commitment to support their struggles to achieve such rights, and that means taking seriously the need to protect vast numbers of Iraqis from the ongoing depradations of this government.
Richard Iton's Solidarity Blues is among the latest books tackling this long-running question, for the last century or so the favored approach of left-wing thinkers to the mystery of America's break from European historical patterns, otherwise known as the problem of American exceptionalism.
Ramos-Horta said, "thanks to an extraordinary partnership between NGOs (non-governmental organisations), civil society and solidarity movements and certain governments that led the Indonesians to accept the results of the referendum and pack up and leave East Timor.
As the United States mobilizes against the Taliban, the Christian solidarity movement is rapidly finding new supporters.
The Baltic port city council has bestowed honorary citizenship on the former British premier and former US President Ronald Reagan for supporting Solidarity in its long struggle against communism.
Its demands went far beyond better working conditions or more pay: Solidarity was from the first a struggle for the soul of the nation.
Its grassroots democracy and solidarity is contrasted with the `official union internationalism' of the International Transport Federation, which is seen as antidemocratic, distant and manipulative.
Everything communicates within the universal solidarity of being - a truth that may inspire efforts to reimagine the human community, but that should also alert us to the proximity of horror.
PHOTO (1) A choir composed of singers from various denominations sings a song of solidarity at Hubert H.
On February 2, 2018, the Solidarity and Valor Institute announced a nationwide, open and two-stage competition to prepare the logo of this institution.

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