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When this occurs, the solder is often still not completely solidified and exhibits a pasty characteristic.
These grains continue to grow until all the remaining liquid has solidified.
argues that the new findings do not rule out the possibility that ocean sediment that originally leveled the region lies beneath a crust of solidified lava.
With three successful launches in a row, the Ariane 5 ECA has solidified its role as the leading "workhorse" in the commercial launch market.
The directionally solidified poly-grain technique aligns the grains along the preferred direction of the casting, similar to a line of icicles.
Instead of examining samples after the substances had solidified, as in the earlier experiments with the metals themselves, the researchers included in the shuttle experiment a videocamera that taped the progress of the solidification.
At the base of the outer core, molecules of liquid iron would release energy as they solidified, heating the lowermost fluid until it rises.
the worldwide leader in client-server design visualization and collaboration solutions for the high technology, automotive, aerospace, industrial automation and discrete manufacturing industries, today announced that it has solidified its position as the visualization technology of choice for the automotive industry through the recent addition of both Lear Corporation (NYSE:LEA,) and Magna International as Actify customers.
la, the predicted temperature and velocity fields in the casting at 60% solidified are presented.
Vormetric has solidified its presence on these contract vehicles through partnerships with General Dynamics, Patriot Technologies and Technica Corporation, all long recognized for focused implementations of technology for the federal government.
The rationale behind the formation of the banded defects lies in consideration of the solidification behavior in high-pressure diecasting and the resulting properties of the partially solidified material.
The waste will be solidified and capped with a low-permeability engineered closure cover system consisting of a geomembrane barrier layer, geocomposite drainage layer, and clean vegetated soil cover.