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In a solidifying casting, the molten metal is enriched in or depleted of all of the alloying and trace elements to differing extents (due to differences in partitioning between the liquid and solid), and the total density gradient will be a complicated combination of the thermal and concentration gradients.
In most diecasting processes, the metal starts solidifying on contact with the relatively cold die walls.
Well-planned geometry in a directionally solidifying alloy can eliminate not only shrinkage but the need for any supplemental heat transfer techniques in the mold.
Contained shrinkage voids in our example occur when material solidification conditions permit the formation of a solidified shell of sufficient strength and thickness to resist the negative pressures increasing within the solidifying core.
The organization's extensive and loyal career agency network has historically been a competitive advantage in solidifying its position in the Hong Kong insurance market.
Alloy- and solidification-dependent expressions contained in derivations of D'Arcy's law for aluminum solidification--such as the number and tortuosity of liquid paths that exist in a solidifying dendritic network--must influence pore size and distribution.
Solidification time is a function of the casting volume and surface area, mold heat extraction rate, pouring temperature and the thermal properties of the solidifying metal.
Solidifying its position as the market's e-business reliability experts, Segue Software, Inc.
This forms a constriction and the liquid metal in this region solidifies before the liquid below it, thus choking the riser off from feeding the solidifying liquid below.
She will also be assisting in solidifying Edgewater's brand along with working in conjunction with our staff, already in three Western states, on anticipated client engagements.
Hydrogen is rejected from the solidifying to the liquid stages and then to the atmosphere but the RPT depends on the gas bubbles to be manifested in the sample rather than being effused off.
We are in the process of solidifying agreements as well as entering into additional discussions that will be of great benefit to the company.