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Gallup considers states to be solidly favoring one party when they have a greater-than 10-percentage-point advantage over the other in party affiliation among the state's adult population.
Many times young children need only these several images to feel solidly supported and tension-free while sitting.
Diversity policies are most successful when they are solidly integrated throughout the organization with executive leadership, training, support and accountability.
The collaborative effort of a medical doctor, a patient, and a professional chef, Eat * Taste * Heal is enhanced with throughout with color photography, features an extensive background information (Ayurvedic Concepts in a Nutshell), a great deal of solidly practical instruction (Buying, Preparing & Storing Vibrant Food), then goes on to present the reader with "The ABC's Ambiance, Blessing & Consumption"; "The Rhythms of Nature"; and "Food as Medicine".
His decisions, legal scholars say, have been methodical, respectful of precedent, and solidly conservative.
Marathon is not the usual sword-and-slash tale, but instead puts the battle solidly in its political and social context.
Some of the great things are based solidly on fact ("Texas still has the right to divide into five states.
For Pete, Get's No Love is his junior novel and perhaps his most solidly written.
Once you've solidly established your own language, you can improvise and build new ideas.
This is a solidly researched book by a veteran journalist able to discover the drama of history as well as the facts.
most of the agencies are solidly entrenched not just in the political system but in people s minds.
Pellets fall into a spool-like chamber and pack together solidly, held on both sides by discs at the ends of the spool.