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Pricing and settling Solidus Bond transactions in Bitcoin is just a matter of Swiftcoin/Bitcoin exchange rates.
The Solidus coin sold at Spink the auctioneers on June 25 for a superb, but more affordable pounds 9,300.
I'm not sure how successful The Solidus would prove with today's all-weather cards as we had a strict cut-off point of 0-80 sprints.
One of the most remarkable exhibits in Encounters is the so-called Wilton Cross, a piece of jewellery found in Wilton, Norfolk, which incorporates a gold solidus of Emperor Heraklios, issued at Constantinople in 613-30.
DOCTOR Iain Barber has been studying the stickleback fish and its fatal relationship with a fish tapeworm, the parasite schistocephalus solidus.
The French kings frequently devalued the solidus, and our silver coins were immediately valued higher than before.
With the launch of Solidus eCare, Ericsson Enterprise has focused on creating a customer contact center suite that integrates call center features with the speed of the Web to provide faster and more efficient customer service.
Ericsson has introduced Solidus eCare, a customer contact centre solution combining both voice and web-based communications technologies.
It involves an intimate contact and efficient heat transfer between the magma and the country rock, and therefore requires that the country rocks be at temperatures above the magma solidus.
The exhibition's very title is bloated with postmodern/poststructuralist signifiers: the notion of drifting evokes the names of Deleuze, Guattari, Lyotard; more distantly (but no less chicly), it recalls the derive of the Situationists; the solidus itself materializes a sort of Derridean brisure.
BNAK is an over-the-counter exchange where Swiftcoin and Solidus bonds can be bought and sold.
Strain rates next to the spherical ends were even slightly negative around solidus temperature when the mold was preheated to 644F (340C).