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Perrin certainly depicts this resolution positively, but it remains somewhat troubling in its arbitrariness and casual fraudulence: as Corbon soliloquizes, "Virtue is poor and importunate, / But goods are the domain of fortune.
Stubborn and unrepentant, he soliloquizes about how he surely will live a long life and fantasizes about joining the Chinese figures in a kind of art-bestowed immortality.
Immediately before Anne's speech, Wendoll soliloquizes about how he has grown in Frankford's affections.
But in an unnecessary bid for engagement, Dean singles out couples in the audience as he soliloquizes about intellectual wives and their cuckolded husbands.
Soon after, he soliloquizes, "I said I would take my own part against the slander of oblivion and against the monstrous facelessness of it and that I would stand a stone in the very void where all would read my name.
As Stubb proceeds with his "inquiry," Ishmael soliloquizes over the marvelous reversal of olfactory sensations in this "insufferable fetor": "Now that the incorruption of this most fragrant ambergris should be found in the heart of such decay; is this nothing?