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image schemas, and close analysis of a necessarily limited number of lyric poems to document Hardy's inward journey into solitariness, moving towards an embrace of nescience (the condition of not knowing) and affirming his monist perspective on the universe's organization.
But the essentialness of a lot of my fiction is solitariness.
Let us say, then, that Thoreau is comfortable with his solitariness, and that he is not troubled by various losses.
underscored a sense of both social and family solitariness in their new communities.
After giving this intensive image of scary, devouring solitariness, accentuated by the notable repetition of the word "lonely," the poet gives a more fearful view of the desert:
There is also, however, the narrator, Nick Carraway, who frequently reveals similar symptoms--a pronounced sense of emotional detachment, a chronic reserve of solitariness, a tendency to live in memory.
Tunden's comparative solitariness (while still a properly monastic case) would disqualify it from the same hermeneutic.
Maja's music plays out their solitariness, their tussles with the elements, their determination and their serenity.
She had to deal with her solitariness in a turbulent and uncivilized Tuscaloosa amidst worries about holding the affection of John Gayle.
For a lifetime Bergman chronicled the Swedish soul, its solitariness, its obsessiveness and its melancholia, a trait he shared with other Swedish artistic geniuses - it's in the poetry of the recent Nobel Literature prize winner Transtromer, the music of Stenhammar, the paintings of Zorn and the writings of Strindberg and Dagerman.
Presence and company, alongside absence and solitude, and easeful range of reference are coming together here in Baxter's distinct articulation, but this is itself an expression of 'shared' solitude: the paradox emphasises both the solitariness of the poet (like Wordsworth looking on the Highland girl) and the community of others--friends, but also family, tribal, national, or simply human characters of all kinds, from rabbiters to poets.
Hence, silently in the face of Reality, Genius happens to the Universe as much as the Universe happens to it, while others can hardly notice, let alone imbibe, this epistemological degree of universal solitariness.