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A densidade do solo e a porosidade dos solos tem sido largamente utilizadas na avaliacao da qualidade estrutural dos solos, pois tratam-se de propriedades do solo de facil determinacao e que recebem pequena influencia do teor de agua no momento da coleta da amostra de solo (Reichert et al.
Como os valores medios de densidade do solo de solos arenosos sao, naturalmente, maiores que os valores de solos argilosos, deve-se evitar a utilizacao do valor absoluto da densidade do solo para avaliar o estado de compactacao de um solo, utilizando-se o teor de argila como referencia (Reinert et al.
Bring: Resume, self-choreographed prepared 1-3 minute solo, modern or ballet or jazz.
Audition includes: Modern, improvisation, prepared solo.
These interesting and imaginative solos help develop pianistic skill and musical awareness.
Give little fingers a workout with these two collections of elementary piano solos with teacher accompaniments.
In connection with Alexander's latest trade tome, ``150-Plus Tips on How to Attract & Keep Solo Diners,'' she's asking solo diners to nominate their favorite restaurants as part of a contest or drawing, the solo-friendly ones termed ``stars'' and the solo-unfriendly ones labeled ``stinkers.
Alexander will present four lucky solo diners who participate with $100 toward a meal at a restaurant they've nominated.
But before he had time to think about what solos to reconstruct, Whitener received a fortuitous announcement from the Dance Notation Bureau of a special offering of works available for licensing.
The discipline and sensitivity necessary to bring these solos alive is what Whitener works on with the dancers between the coaching sessions and the performances.
Christmas Festival: 7 Carol Arrangements for Solo Piano, by Beatrice Miller.
Christmas Festival: 10 Carol Arrangements for Solo Piano, by Beatrice Miller.