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He forgot his solo, and the expected compliments; and, for the rest of the evening, that thrilling expression floated in his brain, and was present to his thoughts; it was worth a thousand of the studied glances that were continually aimed at him from all sides of the room, and with every variety of eye--from the piercing black, to the ogling gray.
When Miggs finished her solo, her mistress struck in again, and the two together performed a duet to the same purpose; the burden being, that Mrs Varden was persecuted perfection, and Mr Varden, as the representative of mankind in that apartment, a creature of vicious and brutal habits, utterly insensible to the blessings he enjoyed.
Bring: Resume, self-choreographed prepared 1-3 minute solo, modern or ballet or jazz.
Audition includes: Modern, improvisation, prepared solo.
These interesting and imaginative solos help develop pianistic skill and musical awareness.
Give little fingers a workout with these two collections of elementary piano solos with teacher accompaniments.
In connection with Alexander's latest trade tome, ``150-Plus Tips on How to Attract & Keep Solo Diners,'' she's asking solo diners to nominate their favorite restaurants as part of a contest or drawing, the solo-friendly ones termed ``stars'' and the solo-unfriendly ones labeled ``stinkers.
Alexander will present four lucky solo diners who participate with $100 toward a meal at a restaurant they've nominated.
But before he had time to think about what solos to reconstruct, Whitener received a fortuitous announcement from the Dance Notation Bureau of a special offering of works available for licensing.
The discipline and sensitivity necessary to bring these solos alive is what Whitener works on with the dancers between the coaching sessions and the performances.
Christmas Festival: 7 Carol Arrangements for Solo Piano, by Beatrice Miller.
Christmas Festival: 10 Carol Arrangements for Solo Piano, by Beatrice Miller.