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Scientists at the University of Illinois studied how enzymatic deamidation by protein-glutaminase would affect the protein solubility and flavor binding potential of soymilk.
Using equation 5, the solubility product curve for the liquidus (Fig.
Determination of the solubility parameter for PMMA using equation 2 is shown in figure 1.
Site-to-site and person-to-person variation plays a significant role in trying to determine the correct values for solubility, method repeatability and reproducibility.
Various techniques are being followed to achieve increased solubility of the drug compounds depending upon active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) characteristics, formulator's capabilities, and relative cost effectiveness of the strategies.
The results showed that improving API solubility is the greatest challenge for nearly 60% of respondents, followed by exploring novel drug delivery routes (specified by 26% of respondents).
The solubility of one polymer in another or of a polymer in an oligomeric liquid is favored by enthalpy-lowering interactions between the structural components of the two macromolecules.
Researchers prepared nanostructured ferric phosphate using flame spray pyrolysis, an aerosol technology, and created a SSA as high as 195 m2 per g (about 11 nm), which had high solubility and bioavailability.
Nevertheless, this protein's applications in foods are limited by its poor solubility.