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Soluble is a privately held company with 60 employees, formed in 1999 and headquartered in Newport News, Virginia.
A simple starch iodide colorimetric test will tell the quantitative level of these soluble starches.
Giestas explains that the basic processes for freeze-dried and spray-dried coffee solubles are similar up to, but not including, the drying process.
To many in the trade, however, soluble coffee is really a separate business, a commodity made from coffee, but otherwise a separate category.
A similar program in Guatemala in 2001 resulted in marked nutritional improvement among the 66,000 school children who received the RiceX Solubles nutritional drink, according to the Christian Children's Fund, which coordinated the Guatemalan program.
Soluble coffees have benefited and grown from the growth of variety and increased awareness of alternative coffee products over the past 10 years.
In getting back to the use of solubles in fortification of ready-to-drink coffee beverages, however, Songer did cite their increased use across a wide range of products--even what many people would characterize as the better quality drinks.
Currently, the RiceX Solubles drink is being distributed to approximately 125,000 school children each day.
consumption of soluble coffee has increased 1% over 1996.
The production capacity increase for RiceX(TM) Solubles is in response to purchase orders currently booked for the next six months.
The company is actually a group of companies, employing 200 in three main divisions - SEDA Solubles, the company responsible for producing and packaging the instant coffee and substitute products; Farmaprima, dedicated to decaffeinating green coffee; and SEDA Cogeneracion, for producing electricity.