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By juggling the various import and export figures and breaking down green coffee imports into coffee type and origin, one can notice the importance of soluble coffee manufacturing and trading in Spain.
In 2005, approximately 163,000 tons of processed coffee was produced, with almost 34,000 tons encompassing soluble coffee (extracts, essences and concentrates of coffee in solid form including instant coffee).
Finally, alter the process to minimize the soluble starch in the white water system.
To many in the trade, however, soluble coffee is really a separate business, a commodity made from coffee, but otherwise a separate category.
Fortunately for the coffee industry as a whole, those in the soluble trade take a more "live and let live" approach.
a contributing factor to the increase in the consumption of soluble coffee: "The quality trend of gourmet coffees has helped increase the awareness of the consumer that coffee is a healthy product.
A similar program in Guatemala in 2001 resulted in marked nutritional improvement among the 66,000 school children who received the RiceX Solubles nutritional drink, according to the Christian Children's Fund, which coordinated the Guatemalan program.
Growth and development in European soluble markets is in turn now bringing significant change to the sector's major suppliers; this is exemplified by the recent experience of the Spanish company SEDA.
By February, most Ecuadorian soluble manufacturers had sold out their entire lines of production through the end of the year.
Chairman and CEO of The RiceX Company, commented, "We are obviously extremely happy with the level of excitement and endorsement of our RiceX Solubles in Guatemala.
The potential yield of coffee-flavored solubles from roasted coffee (according to Sivetz) is over 30% using Soxhlet extraction at 212 [degrees] F.
November production for RiceX(TM) Solubles surpassed the highest previous month's output by 400%.