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For finite groups, the definition of solvable Hopf algebras boils down to the usual definition of solvability for groups.
Given the presence of a trade-off between the volume of transactions and the presence of risks in this market, the platform has incentives to select the users by adopting quality and solvability criteria.
The main tool used in our investigations will be a special measure of noncompactness constructed in such a way that its use enables us to study the solvability of considered equations with a fixed point theorem for contraction mappings with compact acyclic values.
The solvability of matrix equation (3) is equivalent to that of the following linear systems
Such a change in the length suggests that the complexity of the equivalence or of the equation solvability problems may change as well.
S Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, aims at creating awareness about the environment and solvability of climate change.
This rapid response enables the detective to more efficiently gather Information about the crime he Is investigating and should help to increase the police department's solvability rates," Stodola said.
These race-type percentages can be added together and then averaged to measure the solvability of past and future Scoop6s.
Early said, noting television shows that highlight cases' solvability decreasing
In [8], we gave the necessary conditions for solvability of a semilinear hyperbolic equations with nonlinear second order boundary damping.
This fact will have an immediate effect on the banks' solvability.
Gas diffuses into metal as consequence of gas solvability at specific temperature.