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Finally, after all this time, two of the more popular paradoxes have been solved.
In every realm of human endeavor, problems that are easier to understand--and therefore easier to solve--get solved sooner than problems that are harder to understand and therefore harder to solve.
They look for similar situations to see how problems were solved and then adapt the information that they find to fit their own needs.
Clinton not only solved it, but did it incredibly quickly -- while talking to a campaign aide on the phone.
In the past, many disputes were solved through litigation or arbitration, a formal, binding process that can be a headache.
I believe that 80% of all reliability problems can and should be solved by the frontline organization.
Basically, it recasts a problem to be solved in conceptual abstract language, and then finds solutions in corporate and worldwide technical literature.
Mathematicians solved algebraic equations until they came to a stop with the quintic equation, which resisted solution until two mathematical geniuses independently discovered it couldn't be solved using the usual methods.
This problem can undoubtedly be solved without writing anything down, but it can also be solved on paper, and its written solution would actually take up several lines.
NYSE:MOT) officials in Palm Beach County, Florida report an additional 75 crimes including burglaries and an assortment of other crimes already have been solved in part because of Motorola's advanced fingerprint and palmprint technology.
Halley then visited Isaac Newton, who claimed to have solved the problem years earlier.