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Last, the software's Library of Inventive Principles presented conceptual ideas about how analogous technical problems were solved in the past.
The challenge of building collaborative communities is as old as humanity itself, and it is unlikely to be solved in a magazine article.
None of the cultural, personality, and historical problems are solved.
54, 54, 54) Many mathematics problems cannot be solved quickly but require sustained time to solve.
Children who solved only inversion problems reported using the shortcut after having employed it unconsciously five or fewer times.
Research has shown that in 66 percent of solved murder cases, police take a suspect into custody within 24 hours.
An "automated manual system" is one that stores the schedule after you have already solved it, making it little more than a glorified word processor.
At the popular mobile community gaming portal, players can share tips and tricks, discuss puzzle-solving strategies post their best puzzle-completion times and number of puzzles solved, to see how they measure up against other Sudoku masters.
Word problems embedded into familiar situational contexts are much easier to solve than problems that must be solved without situational support.
The unit's saving grace is the fact that six homicides from last year were solved this year, increasing this year's solve rate.