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This section describes chronologically the addition of solver technology to the ANSYS program.
The main application of a fluid solver in computer graphics is to use the velocity field to move things around realistically.
In this Challenge, Cleveland Clinic is using the Prodigy Challenge mechanism to engage Solvers in competing to shorten the time required for analysis of genes which predict cancer survival.
Of the nominations received in the categories, the winners and their award winning innovations for Climate Solver 2013 included Envirofit India Pvt Ltd for Improved biomass cook stoves, Naturetech Infrastructutre Ltd for Low cost smart AC solar micro grid, Aspiration Energy Pvt Ltd for Decentralized Solar Thermal System for Industries, Clique Developments Ltd for ARUN dish - Fresnel Paraboloid Solar Concentrator System, Ecolibrium Energy Pvt Ltd forE Grid, a low-cost, scalable platform and analytics for demand side management.
Kepler from the USA, Mikhail Kusnetsov from Russia, Tad Hogg from the USA, Alex Altshuler from the USA, Chris Wilmer from the USA, Viju John Fernandez from the USA, Alexandre Zolotovitski from the USA and an anonymous Solver from the USA.
Solver was delighted to be recognized by Acumatica with the 'Innovation Partner of the Year Award'," said Tad Remington, Chief Commercial Officer at Solver.
Most of the other solver competitions tackle satisfiability problems, and the scoring is principally how many problem instances can be shown to be satisfiable or unsatisfiable in a given time limit.
The MoM solution procedure used in the HFSS IE solver is ideally suited for modeling open or radiating problems.
Read the entire report to see the trends and how Solver is contributing to the overall state of the B2B Los Angeles tech scene.
A solver that answers incorrectly is disqualified and does not appear in the rankings.
Technology partnerships are a driving force in the success of our customers and users, but especially partnerships with notable leaders like SAP," said Nils Rasmussen, CEO of Solver.