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PIK3R1 (p85a) is somatically mutated at high frequency in primary endometrial cancer.
In all these cases, the lobster maintains an attachment to something grotesque that represents the collaging of different sexual constructions into an object that is projected somatically in and as fantasy, as if the object were a necessary and constitutive dimension of the very sexual field that it puts into question.
The emotional personality carries memories somatically, and often pre-verbally, and experiences the memories of traumas as personal to the emotional personality.
There was always something suspect about this man who built a huge sanctuary for himself in a place he called Neverland, fashioning himself a modern day Peter Pan, holding dozens of wild animals and somatically changing his body little by little into something that went far beyond "human-like".
Kava is known to have somatically sedating properties and these sensations do appear consistent with the consequences of the biological down regulation of arousal pathways (Sarris 2009b).
the actor as creator; collaborative working methods; the work [being] somatically led; an open actor-audience relationship; and importance of live-ness to the work (2007:162).
Nietzsche's tragedy', we learn, was 'the deadly equilibrium of the two dominant opposing tendencies of his nature: the Somatically analytic, individualistic hunger for knowledge and the prophetically constructive, community-building will to mystery.
and German populations showing that children with somatically ill parents in general (5, 8) or parents undergoing HD in particular (13, 19) , develop mental health problems.
The concept therefore refers to a process of categorization, a representational process of defining an Other (usually, but not exclusively) somatically.
The poem is included in McGuckian's Marconi's Cottage, a volume largely about pregnancy and childbirth, which plays with overlapping oceanic and radio waves throughout, suggesting partial subjects co-transmitting I and non-I sonically and somatically (McGuckian's cottage, once owned by Guglielmo Marconi, who pioneered radio-wave technology, is near the beach).
One of the works positing this somatically antiscientific textuality is the Dunciad.
It is not unrealistic to suppose that people might express somatically the conditions of their existence' (ibid:463).