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He demonstrated that PIG-A mutation causes deficiency of GPI-anchor in PNH and that PIG-A mutation occurs somatically in hematopoietic stem cell, clarifying acquired nature of the disease and why only blood cells are affected.
Individuals with an increased level of education, health insurance, and a family history of stroke were more somatically aware and/or able to correctly attribute their symptoms to a stroke than were those with lesser education, no health insurance, or family history of stroke.
Almost all (92%) of the tumors in this subgroup have somatically altered the PI3K pathway.
The encounter with the security guard registered a sense of injustice that was profoundly and somatically felt, an injustice based on the notion that we didn't feel that we'd done anything bad.
Individuals studied by these critics describe periods of total focus during an aesthetic encounter--felt vividly and somatically (Csikszentmihalyi 29)--in which a sense of time, place, and ego boundary seems to be transcended or heightened, "a condition so rewarding as to be sought for its own sake" (19).
Having mere reflection, or an after-image somatically imprinted in the process of sense-object contact is thus not sufficient for visualization.
People especially in rural areas do not have concept of emotional distress and therefore communicate their emotions somatically (Minhas and Nizami, 2006).
The research conducted has resulted in significant areas of interest: the use of strings in sculpture and music; the importance of dance to Hepworth who practiced ballroom dancing and whose final studio was in an old dance hall: and the use of sound - sculpture as a form of ventriloquism for Hepworth and in performance through producing noise to be experienced somatically.
Based on previous research (for a review, see Duda & Halt, 2001), it was hypothesized that an ego orientation, rather than task orientation, would be associated with a dispositional tendency to be either cognitively or somatically anxious in sport competition.
As such, it pertains to an inner psychic reality of the subject which is not just somatically projected, but held together internally by what some psychoanalysts call a "collated internal object" that can be experienced or actualized only through specific sexual acts.
Somatically, my boundary extends both inwards (my womb) and outwards (my breasts and belly) and my body image undergoes a radical change.
Although the santera's subject is constituted somatically by means of her social engravings, her body does not function as a site of external regulation and constraint, but rather as an intensified space of agency and activity.