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The integration and organization of the visual, vestibular, somatosensory systems, a higher level of cognitive control and an intact musculoskeletal system is responsible for the maintenance of balance [3,4].
Among the components that play a vital role in the control of one's balance are the visual, vestibular, and somatosensory systems (Woollacott & Shumway-Cook, 1990).
For example, while the basic ascending sensory pathways for the visual, auditory, and somatosensory systems are present (Hall and Ebner, 1970; Foster and Hall, 1978; Ebbesson and Goodman, 1981; Hoogland, 1981; Bruce and Butler, 1984a,b; Kenigfest et al.
We do six tests to try and isolate problems, whether they are in the vestibular, the visual, or the somatosensory system.
The somatosensory system, a sensory system in the skin, mediates the senses of pain and temperature.
For example, many injuries that result in a loss of visual processing ability leave unscathed the somatosensory system responsible for such senses as touch, taste and smell -- senses that can prove helpful in the relearning process when visual processing becomes impaired.
The somatosensory system is involved in the perception of touch, pain and proprioception.
3) It has been demonstrated that professional dancers are less vision dependent than untrained control subjects, which indicates that dance training shifts the dominant feedback strategy from the visual to the somatosensory system.
The somatosensory system is comprised of elements of the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system that serve the modalities of touch, vibration, temperature, pain and kinesthesia.
Previous sub-threshold inputs from the somatosensory system begin to generate potentials from the dorsal horn to the central nerve system.
In light of these concerns, a physical therapy team must encourage patients with DN to compensate by using the somatosensory system and ankle proprioception [4].
These sensory systems include the olfactory system, which detects odors, and the somatosensory system, responsible for detecting irritants, chemicals that cause pain, tingling, burning, stinging, or prickling.

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