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Though Lavric somberly remembers being intimidated by the dark, musty confessional with its heavy red curtain, she recalls the drive to church as having elements of both a lighthearted road trip and a sobering guilt trip.
As you carry the American Flag proudly in the times of celebration, and somberly in times of sorrow, remember that it is the same flag of freedom that was worth a beating to Mike Christian, and is worth the sacrifice our men and women make today to protect the freedom we hold so dear.
However, as Appian noted somberly, "the people hoped that [Caesar] would also give them back democracy, just as Sulla had done, who had achieved a position of equal power.
I lost many members of my family," he observes somberly.
Spurlock also has a bit of fun with litigation enthusiast John Banzhaf, who somberly explains how fast food chains, like tobacco companies, "lure young children," teaching them to associate their brands with positive images and happy experiences.
Martin somberly concludes: "Absolute power, in Lord Acton's aphorism, corrupts absolutely, and the Supreme Court is now absolutely corrupt.
Seldom has a society so savaged people during their hour of loss," he somberly notes in "Mourning and Militancy" (1989).
Somberly, but not without hope, we again find ourselves covering the struggle for a just peace for all the people of the Middle East.
It's part of our recovery to give back what was given to us," says Shane somberly, noting that Sia at one time almost died due to poor nutrition.
Adjustable bronze shades provide a degree of variation in the elevation on sunny days, and bronze trim somberly relieves the plain stone wall slabs.