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MOSCOW: Carrying flowers, portraits and signs that said "I am not afraid," tens of thousands of people somberly marched Sunday in Moscow to mourn opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, whose slaying on the streets of the capital has shaken Russia's beleaguered opposition.
Since glaring somberly at any and all who dared pass a newsstand from the cover of F42, Mavado has attained a level of dancehall crossover success unrealized since the high school graduation friendly bashment party wave of Sean Paul.
remembered somberly the 40th anniversary of his assassination.
Somberly emphatic, he spins tales of war without histrionics, letting startling lines like "I was tempted to eat the rotten flesh of my comrade" stand on their own.
Alcantara's relatives, who accepted his certificate of posthumous citizenship, sat somberly in a front row.
Phil Spector and his wife somberly stood arm in arm Thursday as they watched jurors weave under crystal chandeliers, past a suit of armor and to the red-carpeted foyer in the music producer's mansion, where actress Lana Clarkson died.
Tougher, politically loaded songs such as "Love and Peace or Else" and "Bullet the Blue Sky" soon follow; at one point, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is projected and somberly recited on a giant screen.
I take no love from that fight, man,'' Griffith said slowly, and somberly, via telephone from his home on Long Island, N.
Why is it that Republicans, somberly intoning about the "rule of law," could muster the political will to impeach a President over a semen-stained dress, but impeachment based on misleading the country into war and illegal wiretapping is beyond the pale?
Though Lavric somberly remembers being intimidated by the dark, musty confessional with its heavy red curtain, she recalls the drive to church as having elements of both a lighthearted road trip and a sobering guilt trip.
As you carry the American Flag proudly in the times of celebration, and somberly in times of sorrow, remember that it is the same flag of freedom that was worth a beating to Mike Christian, and is worth the sacrifice our men and women make today to protect the freedom we hold so dear.