something of value

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I--I--can hardly believe it,' panted Sampson, 'but something of value is missing from the office.
WOULD the woman who was talking to me in Glasgow's George Square on Friday, July 10 about her husband losing his job and her looking for extra work get in touch, as she left something of value on the bench call 0141 779 3540.
She considered herself to be of no consequences, but had a desire to write and a conviction that her own subjective truth was something of value.
You think, 'Wow, this is really something of value," Martin said.
In this country, on the other hand, we do have the notion of freedom, and an ideal image of ourselves as "free" Ours is the "land of the free" we are born "free and equal"; and certainly, when these phrases were originally used, free referred to something of value beyond price, worth fighting and dying for.
The range of activities on offer mean there is huge scope for visitors to learn or discover something of value.
But they were warned by councillors investigating the new library plan that they risk handing away something of value to the city.
IRT is a civil-military partnership through which Reservists receive valuable training while leaving something of value behind for communities throughout the United States.
It can take just seconds for an opportunist thief to reach through an open window and grab something of value.
In moving from one position to another, it is always good to try to leave something of value behind.
They may not be comfortable with the word "brand" but they are very comfortable with the idea of being known for something of value.
After speaking with my co-workers it was clear that everyone had something of value they could donate.