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Henceforth it ceases to be a reality of my life; I am a citizen of somewhere else.
In the night he may lie hidden somewhere, but if he be not carried on shore, or if the ship do not touch it, he cannot achieve the land.
The time then must have been somewhere about six o'clock.
I had a distinct impression of being in contact with an infinity that had the slightest possible rise and fall, was pervaded by a warm, delicate scent of violets and through which came a hand from somewhere to rest lightly on my head.
Somewhere above me was Dejah Thoris, unless Thurid and Matai Shang had already succeeded in stealing her.
A couple of years ago, soon after the new railway was opened, I had to go somewhere or other on business.
Above all, they were gay because there was a war near Moscow, there would be fighting at the town gates, arms were being given out, everybody was escaping- going away somewhere, and in general something extraordinary was happening, and that is always exciting, especially to the young.
There is another explanation somewhere, I feel convinced, at the root of the matter.
Pon my word," he said, "I wish we could go off somewhere by ourselves.
We ought to be moving along a line that'll cross somewhere northard of New Zealand," Daughtry guessed to himself, after a hundred stolen glances into the binnacle.
It was not very dark: there was a bit of moon somewhere above the light veil of mist that lay along the earth.
Nobody controverted his statement; he was himself proof of its truth, for he was not of our party and must have been somewhere near when we camped.