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The spirit of the place was the spirit of the peace of the living, somnolent with the easement and content of prosperity, and undisturbed by rumors of far wars.
In a nutshell: Serious, somnolent culture clash offers little insight into the human condition.
These somnolent soliloquies earned the Senate a reputation as a tiring place.
Always exotically alien, Unger brings her own unique brand of somnolent, broody sensuality to bear, splayed half-naked in her shop window one moment, and the next moment chatting cozily with an overweight housewife seeking a sexy negligee.
Given the somnolent ruminations that preceded his arrival it should, perhaps, be considered good news that Wolverhampton Wanderers and Glenn Hoddle are keen to resolve the manager's future as soon as possible.
Haas, Caan and Lisa Bonet - the latter as George's public defender/love interest - give muted, lulling performances in keeping with Orr's somnolent woes - something apparently happened so that no one in the near future is as frantic and frenetic as they are nowadays.
Sure, plenty of American papers are dull and boring, but Pravda takes it one step further by combining its somnolent story topics with obsolete words and convoluted Russian grammar.
Sergio Garcia, slow to the point of somnolent, against Ernie Els, who had played both his rounds from the front.
Interestingly, at this point in its life cycle, ``ER'' feels more like a CBS show, while ``The Agency'' feels more ABC-ish, so maybe ``The Agency'' can rouse some somnolent ``ER'' viewers from their habit.
Sometimes the results were mannered and specious: the dog barking in Spring's somnolent slow movement sounded rabid; bass-register timbres were frequently explosive (with even some 'Bartok' pizzicatos); and did I hear some bowing col legno (wood of the bow) brought in for added colour?
And Sachtleben, because of a somnolent congregation, might rewrite his sermon to rouse more owlish souls.
The FSO has become a master of small details: In one "Rush Hour 2" scene shot at night on Hong Kong's spectacular harbor, the FSO was even able to persuade owners of a bunch of harborside buildings to leave their lights on overnight just so the city wouldn't look inappropriately somnolent in the scene's background.