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SON, kindred. An immediate male descendant. In its technical meaning in devises, this is a word of purchase, but the testator may make it a word of descent. Sometimes it is extended to more remote descendants.

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The Penarth-based brothers supped the last two pints of their bestknown ale, Son of a Bitch, at their local pub in the town as they bade a fond farewell to the brewery in Hadfield Road, Cardiff.
Though he ultimately admitted defeat by not pursuing re-election in 1969, LBJ's Johnson Treatment--his willingness to try all angles and take no prisoners in pursuit of his goals--should be an inspiration to all skaters (another group not exactly getting hugs and kisses from the establishment); even those skaters born under that son of a bitch Reagan.
I turned and raced home to awake my father screaming my first political statement, that son of a bitch Truman fired General MacArthur.