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Sonitus, however, is developing a new generation in-mouth device for the ATAC that will fit into a custom-moulded Invisiline mouth guard from which it can be removed and passed on to another user who will have their own personal mouth guard: obviously meaning that the electronic components will have to be sterilised.
Fit sonitus spumante salo ; iamque arua tenebant 210ardentisque oculos suffecti sanguine et igni sibila lambebant linguis uibrantibus ora.
lt;<Sicut in illis ubi Nilus ab illa, quae Catapulta nominatur, praecipitat ex altissimis montibus, ea gens, quae illum locum accolit, propter magnitudinem sonitus sensu audiendi caret>> [Cic.
188): 'fit sonitus, mussantque oras et limina circum'.
Tehrani has been instrumental in the formation and financing of several other medical device companies, including Corventis, Spinal Modulation, RMx, Sonitus Medical, RODO Medical, and Inspiration Medical.
Other acts include No Komment, In Sonitus Lux, the Jugtime Rag Band, Ashley Rivera and Mr.
La prima reazione e quella del mare spumeggiante: fit sonitus in se e per se non specifica di quale suono si tratti, ma l'accostamento allitterante dell'ablativo spumante salo, che per Horsfall e <<an approximation to synaesthesia (acoustic/visual) in the hissing created by the foaming>> (57), e che indica un mare in burrasca, fa capire che si tratta di un suono superiore a quello delle onde di un mare tempestoso.
Sonitus Medical, Inc, has licensed the technology and may have an interest in the results of this study.