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A moment's silence ensued and then, in a full, sonorous voice, the king exclaimed: "Remember
Bhaer laughed his sonorous laugh, and Jo cried out, with a scandalized face.
Suddenly his arm straightened, and the harpoon was thrown; I heard the sonorous stroke of the weapon, which seemed to have struck a hard body.
Five minutes after this he was asleep, with his hands clenched and his lips apart, giving escape, not to his secret, but to a sonorous sound, which rose and spread freely beneath the majestic roof of the ante-chamber.
in a voice of sonorous complaint on the instant of his rising.
This rare specimen of eloquence terminated with the following sonorous phrases bubbling over with patriotism:
Their mastery of the banjo and guitar shines through these sonorous arrangements of classic ballads and two original songs.
He will also discover that campaigning, with its glib promises, expressed in sonorous phrases which roll readily off the tongue, is easier than the governance of the country.
Amjad Sabri started singing in his grand sonorous voice and blew everyone away.
If you wish to impress intellectually use long sonorous polysyllabic words based on the classical languages, Latin and Greek.
Other stories in Desert Sonorous explore more unusual themes in more experimental formats, with mostly successful results.
Early in his career, he didn't take to public speaking, though his sonorous baritone was indelible when he narrated the great documentary series Eyes on the Prize.