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He's already beaten Mac Love at levels and, while you have to respect Russian Valour from Mark Johnston's yard, the one I fear most is Richard Hannon's Soonest.
The participants of the action condemned actions of militants against children, women and old people and expressed hope for the soonest end of the armed conflict in Gaza Strip.
The Cyprus government aims at concluding a deal with the Russian Federation on a second bilateral loan agreement "the soonest possible".
He noted that the company's staff is working on repairing the malfunction to resume pumping oil to Turkey by soonest.
The minister demanded on the phone call that Syria be informed soonest possible with course and results of the investigations carried out by the Lebanese authorities to identify the criminals and those who are behind them.
SOONEST, short-headed on his Newmarket debut, clocked a time 0.
The district has already begun the implementation phase, which officials expect will last until August, to determine the priorities of projects, which schools will need money the soonest and a cash-flow analysis.
And the idea of remoting this popular API is consistent with our belief that the `battle of the server' is going to be won by the suppliers that remote the best APIs soonest.
Geagea urged the concerned judicial and security authorities to "follow-up seriously and in-depth on investigations, so as to arrest the perpetrators and plotters behind the suicide bombings and bring them to justice the soonest possible.
The Foreign Ministers exchanged views regarding several relevant issues of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, expressed mutual interest in the soonest opening of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Kyrgyzstan.
Nikitiades said his meeting with Demetriou was ''very productive'' and affirmed his commitment to promote the conclusion of the final text of the memorandum the soonest possible.
The new government should be formed by soonest, putting people and country's interests before anything else," Talabani stressed.