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For me, I hope it will be investigated at the soonest time because I'm not the only one affected here," she said in Filipino.
that the soonest that we could take this up at the plenary and by May the SC decision is already done.
We're thankful but hoping that they will be prosecuted and punished soonest,' presidential spokesman Harry Roque said in a text message to reporters.
Aside from ensuring that it will be implemented at the soonest possible time, the government must conduct its rollout without any political patronage or accommodation," added Sen.
The Council through its resolution encouraged Member States to 'assist the Government of National Accord in providing support, including personnel, technical expertise, information, equipment, and financial and other resources' to enable the OPCW to implement the elimination of Libya's Category 2 chemical weapons safely and in the soonest practicable timescale.
Mas has one so look for a Cop Talk column on it soonest.
Ambassador Doroshenko expressed hope for the soonest political settlement of the situation in Ukraine and highlighted the importance of fulfilling the Minsk peace deals.
According to a written statement issued by Cyprus Government Spokesman Nicos Christodoulides, Anastasiades and Netanyahu agreed that the Israeli PM will visit Cyprus the soonest possible.
Moscow firmly supported and supports the soonest possible cessation of violence and bloodshed in Syria and the transition to a peaceful political settlement," the Foreign Ministry Information and Press Department said on Tuesday, Interfax reported.
We will apply in two years' time, which is the soonest we can," Milanovic said at a ceremony marking Police Day.
THE Philippine government has warned Muslim rebels who have been holding more than 100 people hostage in a southern port city to peacefully end the four-day standoff "at the soonest possible time," saying it is ready to use force.
Maliki received the invitation, which shall be accomplished in soonest future time.