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Those 40 minutes in the soothingly controlled environment is probably what got me going for one of the best hotel parties that I have attended.
The cool, marbled interior, soothingly silent but for the tinkle of fountains, seems a world away from the dusty bustle of the streets outside.
A robot owl or other pet that can speak soothingly to older people at bed time can be a comfort to many people, both old and young.
Their soothingly retro color, faded over time, adds a paradoxically modern vibe to the Las Vegas yard of designer Amy Zeldenrust (702/435-7224).
A massive creature with a huge head and widely viewed as 'untameable', legend has it that, as a youth, Alexander 'won' Bucephalus after subduing him by speaking soothingly to the horse and turning him towards the sun, so that he could no longer see his own shadow, which had been the cause of his distress.
Lively and defined water streams flow and splash soothingly into the unique fiberglass perpetual pool.
But he has an eye for the telling detail (Anderson College, a Baptist school in South Carolina, has soothingly renamed its chapel program "The Journey"), and he precisely dissects each school's traditions.
As fingernail-paring as the act can get, the neurotic, self-incriminating Shawn is preferable to the Pollyannaish one, who soothingly tells us that AoPeople can make a life, it seems, out of loveAuout of gardening, out of sex, friendship, the company of animals, the search for enlightenment, the enjoyment of beauty.
Underline "arsenal" and "transporting" as especially pertinent to this Redfeather Theatre Company and Holy Cross collaboration, which premiered on a soothingly pastoral Wednesday evening in Green Hill Park.
At the end of the east concourse, T5's oasis-like lounge area is outfitted by Moroso, the Italian furniture maestros known for maximally comfortable, soothingly organic shapes.
Halls are soothingly curved, and natural light streams onto the calming paint colors.
You weren't being intentionally racist," said Piers soothingly.