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Very fine morning, indeed," I repeated, soothingly and cheerfully.
The voice is low, with a certain faint sweetness or tone which falls soothingly on my ear.
But Maud was by my side, passing her hand soothingly through my hair as though I were a child, and saying, "There, there; it will all come right.
He looked at his questioner soothingly, as one might look at a spoiled child.
said Vronsky, going up to the mare and speaking soothingly to her.
But she insisted, and when, worked up and angry by the recital, she had finished, he patted her hand soothingly.
he said, looking so soothingly, not to say amorously on Miggs, that she sat, as she afterwards remarked, on pins and needles of the sharpest Whitechapel kind, not knowing what intentions might be suggesting that expression to his features:
Yes, yes, Bill; give me time, give me time,' replied the Jew, soothingly.
It is something so new to Pleasant to see her father an object of sympathy and interest, to find any one very willing to tolerate his society in this world, not to say pressingly and soothingly entreating him to belong to it, that it gives her a sensation she never experienced before.
We know David," he said soothingly, taking me by the hand and leading me into his compound.
Solving the refugee problem is the carrot Russia has soothingly offered through its Syrian intervention.
You're the most talented person I know," gushes Fat Amy soothingly, "and I've met three of The Wiggles.