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They would learn idolatry from the animal sacrifices in Leviticus, envy and inebriation from the stories of Noah after the flood and Joseph in Egypt, and magic and soothsaying from the stories of Moses and Daniel.
The Chancellor's growth forecasts will be a world away from last April's overly optimistic soothsaying.
anaconda, android, asteroid, barbecue, belles-lettres, beverage, bob, boggle, caboose, caravan, catchup, master of ceremonies, chaos, condescension, cretin, dandy, debacle, dilettante, duds, egoist, empiricism, escapade, evolve, fossil, freethinker, gnome, guitar, hypochondriac, imbecility, jungle, junk, kickshaw, luscious, museum, nest, onanism, overseer, pagoda, picknick, poker, Polynesia, pragmatist, prestigious, pudenda, rendezvous, soothsaying, stateswoman, text-book, ticket, Yankee.
A Louisiana parish has repealed an ordinance prohibiting fortunetelling and soothsaying after a federal judge found the ban unconstitutional.
William Wells Brown, for instance, flatly states in his 1847 narrative "I am no believer in soothsaying," when he discussed his contact with Uncle Frank, a black fortuneteller.
Dubai: Soothsaying based on Amlak's announcement that it has suspended writing new mortgage loans is guaranteed to become a major Dubai pastime, especially because it comes on the heels of two other worrisome events: Emaar announced that it is allowing customers additional time to pay mortgage loans and Emirates NBD has discontinued lending to foreigners.
Now, you may still think I'm being overly confident in my soothsaying.
I have also disproved the doomsday prophecy of a succession of soothsaying career advisers that it is near impossible to get into journalism.
Like these orally transmitted ceremonial worlds, Nalo Hopkinson's Midnight Robber (2000), the preceding Brown Girl in the Ring (1998), and the later The Salt Roads (2004) and The New Moon's Arms (2007), blend history and myth in a manner that heightens the natural extrapolative qualities of sf while offering complex plotlines that at first may resemble dystopic soothsaying, but that inevitably unfold junctures of hope.
She offers many services: headache medicine, midwives for unfortunate women, adoption (the distribution and placement of unwanted newborns onto moneyed individuals' doorsteps), prostitution, soothsaying, and marriage ceremonies.
25) Though he situates his discussions on dreams in a chapter on Arab divination and soothsaying, he also presents a broad comparison of the various Greek theories for the causes of dreams.
In "Iran Behind the Veil" (October 16), William Jasper does a masterful job of sounding the tocsin to us all that we should not be too quick to smooch with the soothsaying Iranian dervish, for he speaketh with a forked tongue, but Jasper's crystalline logic comes a cropper in one area--Hezbollah.