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We must outline the essential Sophistic qualities to understand the inspiration Hu found in the Sophists and to engage a Sophistic lens for apprehending Hu's Literary Revolution.
Picturing the Past: Uses of Ekphrasis in the Deipnosophistae and Other Works of the Second Sophistic.
Bruce McComisky's examination of Gorgias makes interesting and useful contributions to this body of sophistic scholarship.
They are mentioned the first time, to our knowledge, in the sophistic pseudo-Aristotelian Rhetorica ad Alexandrum (1436a), written during the fourth century BCE.
Inside Callias' house, Plato describes a vivid picture of enthusiastic students engaged in Sophistic instruction.
This is helpful, but it is to be regretted that the author did not choose to discuss Gregory's style in general or his place in the Second Sophistic.
Among the topics are cultural fictions and cultural identity, Persia through the Jewish looking-glass, Greeks and Jews: mutual misperceptions in Josephus' Contra Apionem, the twisted tales of Artapanus: biblical rewritings as novelistic narrative, and Jewish literature and the second sophistic.
53) Such comparisons become increasingly common and elaborate in the Second Sophistic.
The paper argues that the Socratic critique of rhetoric is based on the moral neutrality of Sophistic rhetoric, defining it first as a tool, then as an art of manipulation, which might lead to immoralism, as embodied by Callicles.
Simply put, the demos need a sophistic sensibility to cope with a sophistic reality.
While this comparative method is a logical approach to the highly mimetic literature of the Second Sophistic, a full appreciation of the Erotes has actually been impaired by the habitual desire to contextualize it within that debate without first understanding its internal dynamics.
This absurd, sophistic reasoning, which by extension would mean that outdoor trash can lids are also a pesticide because they deter or mitigate pesky raccoons, threw a wrench into plans to test ice-minus on small, fenced-off plots of potatoes and strawberries in northern California.