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The excellent, if too-brief, chapter on Esuenne asserts that his Paradoxes erased "Lando's linguistic, ideological and religious meanings," placed "emphasis on the importance of sound reasoning," and brought "the rhetorical patadox back to its original, sophistic usage and the legal milieu of the courtroom" (31).
Neither Platonic 'rationalism' nor sophistic 'empiricism' is adequate to capturing the Hippocratic philosophy of techne.
There is an interesting passage in Eros and Irony about tempering one's gratitude to the Romantic Movement for reintroducing "the Sophistic form of first-problematic thinking into our cultural tradition" that Rorty quoted in his paper, because he saw that the passage could be taken as a commentary on his position.
Most candidly, "creation" or "creationism" or any of that hokum has no place at all in educational circles and I suspect you have done yourself a great disservice by permitting yourself to be identified with those who would even dignify such revolting and sophistic views.
Add to that my own faith in the word that John Humphrys is a perspicacious, aggressive interviewer, which requires a thorough reading of the book - not the usual flick-paged glance us superficial journalists sometimes give - and it seems sensible to prepare a few sophistic barbs in readiness for a mental wrestle.
For writers of the Second Sophistic such as Pausanias, athletic success in the Olympic games and other festivals was central to Hellenic identity, and this was true beyond Greece proper and into Asia Minor.
Today, almost everybody on all sides of the debate embraces another Sophistic article of faith--progress.
But if you want to go for a more Sophistic ated look, opt for a line on the top of your lid in black or a brown.
This period, as Philostratus implied by naming it the Second Sophistic, was a renaissance of rhetors in which the prestige literary activity was declamation.
With Bees protecting a five-point lead late in the game, they put every ball-carrier down and contested wildly for possession on the ground - in their view, fairly - only to be penalised in bushels as the sophistic official accused them of entering the ruck without going through the 'gate', the term used for the hindmost foot in a breakdown.
Any careful reader of Said over the years knows that his language can achieve the most extraordinary intertwining of the skeptical with the utopian, but is never equivocal or sophistic.
Professor Garver claims Aristotelian rhetoric, with its emphasis on reason and the development of ethos through reasoned argument, is ethically superior to sophistic rhetoric, which aims only to persuade and is indifferent to how persuasion is accomplished in a particular case.