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In order to sophisticatedly describe the workflow-supported organizational social network by using WSSN-GraphML, ccGraphML supplemented the domain-specific attributes to <Node Keys> and <Edge Keys> as shown in the right-hand side of Fig.
Yet, he downplayed the foreign spy agencies' attempts, and said, "Our security stands at a remarkable level both at regional and global scales, and based on the statistical figures and by means of comparison, we can claim that our country is moving on the path of establishing security well, dynamically, sophisticatedly and actively.
Karsof[TM] Biometric Technology sophisticatedly streamlines identity verification in a way that is valuable to most any industry, nation or organization that requires identification and values the security of that identification.
Terror has sophisticatedly travelled from Sydney to Paris.
Chloe Albaret keeps her look minimal--a deep gray shirt and black cropped pants for a sophisticatedly simple aesthetic.
Almost all criminologists or pioneers of criminology agree that emergence of criminology and human birth have been simultaneous and criminology ideas were originally created in the works of scholars and philosophers and they thoughtfully and sophisticatedly viewed the phenomenon of crime.
12) In the field of the history of religions I know of no one other than the American historian of religions Bruce Lincoln, who has sophisticatedly discussed this basic truth; see in particular, Authority: Construction and Corrosion (1994) about the maneuvers of the heroes of the Iliad towards the lame and ugly Thersites and the discussion in Religion, Empire, and Torture: The Case of Achaemenian Persia, with a postscript on Abu Ghraib (2007) about ancient Iranian torture methods and the degrading and dehumanizing treatment of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison.
4) Perhaps this is why many philosophical theorists on theological matters do not define God as "Creator" or "Sustainer" or "Lord of Lords" but, rather, as omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent--or, more sophisticatedly, as Thomas Aquinas's Ipsum esse subsistens or the "Not Said," "Unspoken," and "Unspeakable" subjects of Hegel's Absolute.
Deeply engaged with the nuances of psychoanalytic theory, Drawing the Line thus sophisticatedly unpacks the father's function in creating a play of identification and interrelation that allows for "both cultural exchange and cultural specificity" (6).
approximately 190,000 mA and a total of 11 different buildings partly sophisticatedly designed outdoor facilities.
Bee mortality count was done by separating each mite sophisticatedly irresponsive mite towards stimulus considered an indication of increase in death tool.
This might include excluding poor sellers altogether by requiring that a seller have a gross taxable income above a certain threshold or, perhaps more sophisticatedly, a measure of wealth and need, not simply income.