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What's really impressive about the Discovery XXV is that it does so much, so easily, sophisticatedly.
Nonetheless, the bottle is reassuringly stable for handling and consumers' use, thanks to its sophisticatedly ingenious container geometry, in which the designers have left not a single square millimetre to chance.
His stated intent for these new tunes is to funnel an enthusiasm for the sophisticatedly cool sounds of saxophonists Lee Lonitz and Warne Marsh, colouring with pigments from a classical music palette.
One already finds the sophisticatedly prepared and packaged products of Chinese medicine producers on the shelves of TCM practitioners and health food stores across Canada.
in Simplicity, Inference and Modelling: KEEPING It Sophisticatedly Simple 13 (Arnold Zellner et at eds.
With a diverse menu ranging from egg custard caviar to lamb ribs for two, paired with a sophisticatedly edgy ambiance Serpico is sure to be a new hot spot on South Street and be a great addition to the Starr Empire.
Finally, Dark Drama offers a sophisticatedly decadent look with a richness of colour, texture and embellishment.
After the verdict and before sentence he was taken from the dock protesting his innocence and Judge Tom Bayliss QC said he was deemed less involved and convicted than the others who "offend prolifically, sophisticatedly and determinedly and had all been involved in organised crime in the past.
The play opens three years on and sees Holmes working with loyal sidekick Watson on another intricate case which cleverly and sophisticatedly keeps you guessing until the very end.
This picture, sophisticatedly coloured with blue lazurite and green malachite, is full of small details, people and horses marching through serpentine mountain paths, and the mountain peaks are as the decorations of this impressive journey.
But while Facebook's "Like" button sophisticatedly converts clicks into information, the gestural repertoire of the mouse and keyboard remains extremely limited.
The bomb carried seven kilogram of high explosives and was sophisticatedly connected with the batteries.