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The new member states in 2005 had online sophistication of 74%.
So when radical Protestantism attacked the cult of images of the Roman church, smashing them by the thousands and accusing the pope of promoting idolatry--or when reform-minded Catholics attacked the apparently pagan sophistications of Michelangelo and his followers--Angelico's art was at hand to attest to the possibilities of good, sincere Christian craftsmanship, which taught the faith with all the suave blandishments of ornament.
The trend of increased sophistication at real estate service firms, wherein professionals versed in many disciplines including finance, construction and architecture, tax and accounting, marketing and advertising, building maintenance and inspection, and appraisal services, work together to handle the many aspects of a complex deal, hasn't diminished the key role of the broker however.
This book is written intelligently and put together with sophistication.
But overall, the presentation lacks sophistication and perpetuates the notion of environmentalism as a fringe subculture, while alienating the mainstream.
Although her marriage is a model of genial sophistication, the absence of passion in the apparently open relationship obviously gets to her.
AEC's True-Temp TCO-U and Sterling's Royal Series 2016U come with different control systems, available in different levels of sophistication.
Quinn reads this visual evidence, in which patients are demonstrably "cured" by their return to acceptable forms of dress, hairstyle and implied social roles, with much skill and sophistication.
More complex technologies being employed: Disaster recovery hardware and software have advanced in sophistication at a rate that typically outpaces a hotsite provider's rate of adoption or purchase.
It addresses the history, variety and sophistication of traditional science in these regions and their influence on the West.
The degree of sophistication the mill desires will dictate what "level" of process control should be applied.