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The Pure360 Email Maturity Model enables marketers to assess their current email marketing situation and offers them short and long term goals, allowing them to work towards an improvement in email sophistication.
The company today announced an expansion of its strategic, cross-channel consulting offerings to address this need and help organizations increase the sophistication and effectiveness of their marketing programs.
A lot of traders have increased their market sophistication over the years but find them hampered by the limits of their current technology.
According to the report, Tunisia distinguished itself in the creative output (46th), institutions (49th), human capital and research (60th), infrastructure (64th), knowledge and technology output (69th), business sophistication (82nd) and market sophistication (105th).
With strong and expanding infrastructure, energy-surplus UAE shone in the critical spheres of infrastructure, business sophistication and creative outputs where it ranks 17th, 16th and 20th respectively.
Carvela eggs the feeling of glory and sophistication with its urban mix of styles from the after hours glitz with high fronts and ruffled trims to the Celtic glamour of the Vamp look with aggressive styling on massive wedges, sculptured heels, chunky hardware and cuff heels
Somewhere there is surely a jazz critic grumbling to himself about the accessibility of pianist Yoko Miwa's music, but make no mistake--this is music of sophistication and complexity.
The existing EU eGovernment benchmarks are measured by Capgemini with methodology to measure online sophistication of basic public online services and percentage of fully available online services [2].
Southern Cross" is a delightfully entertaining contemporary romance by LaVetia Poole, a gifted writer who deftly blends urban sophistication with a touch of Southern charm.
The company's controls system philosophy is said to combine a careful blend of simplicity and sophistication, with a range of process control systems that integrate the latest technological developments with experience gained from thousands of rubber compounding installations around the world.
In cities, however, they commonly lack the same formal sophistication, dressed up as castellated turrets or left as purely utilitarian assemblages.
Once inside, tenants and visitors will enjoy an environment of elegance and sophistication.