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A scholar of Chinese studies with a long career at the City University of New York, Solomon examines a group of thinkers during the Warring States period, 479-221 BC, who have sometimes been accused of flippant linguistic and conceptual puzzles, paradoxes, and sophistries.
Very little of what we believe today is based on objective truth but on mere sophistries manufactured by the media, lobby groups, government and advertising companies.
Economic sophistries cannot persist in the idealized world of positive economic science.
In a flash of jet fuel, the accumulated sophistries, attitudes, and tastes of several generations evaporated.
The ad is propelled by sophistries and clear falsehoods, and it depends upon a willingness to include obvious and unalloyed racial demagogy within the range of views permissible in the arena of acceptable public debate.
The precious time since the electricity crisis became obvious last year has been squandered with such solar sophistries, and summer now approaches with no time left to build the conventional power plants to meet the demand.