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She is as focused on the 1915 Gallipoli campaign as on present conflicts and does not indulge in sophomoric Blair-baiting.
They mistake this for my usual sophomoric humor, but it often provides a chance to tell about the concert in the Ardennes and the universal affective power of music and the arts to covet culture for one world at peace.
Endnotes are lacking; sources are not cited; footnotes refer to sophomoric newspaper articles or movies.
If those who want to protect our economy are "protectionists," what are those who want to sacrifice it to sophomoric economic theories--"sacrificialists"?
this is no principle at all; it's a naked power play, a sleazy, sophomoric trick to expel a Democrat they dislike.
If it was, it is one of the most shameful, insulting sophomoric responses to Eugene citizens pointing out a serious problem I have ever read.
Which of the big-time sophomoric stunts will be attempted by students of USC and/or UCLA this weekend in the Bay Area: 1) Hire a helicopter to hover over the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge and, through a bullhorn, tell all the toll- booth operators that Rick Neuheisel has authorized every car go across free until Monday morning, 2) Swipe the Michael Jackson statue at the Fisherman's Wharf Wax Museum, take it for a rented boat ride to Alcatraz wearing an O.
Clearly enjoying themselves, the Pickups appeared at Oran Mor to promote sophomoric offering Swoon, an album which drew mixed reviews upon its April release.
I was slightly bothered by your letter because of the disrespect and sophomoric attitude you have shown towards our country's etiquette.
Despite its sophomoric moniker, Twitter is really a business tool, she said, which can be used to build a community around shared interests.
It's been a long time since I expected anything other than glossed over, sound bite journalism from the mainstream media, so Good Morning America's sophomoric May 28 "report" titled "Does Telemedicine Work?
As I have been receiving your mag for two years, I have to say sadly that the content gets more sophomoric.