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The Bush administration sophomorically contends that FISA unconstitutionally encroaches on executive power.
The oppressive weight of death and anxiety in this object composition, subtly framed for the reader's perusal, undercuts the scene's "mask of well-being"--two wartime colleagues bonding rather sophomorically in their desire for women.
They're a spirited blend of heart and humor, three strolling minstrels whose six-floor performance is almost sophomorically simple.
Of the numerous morsels being offered, I preferred the clean-edged, less cluttered, and less sophomorically scandalizing works of Nicolas de Lekuona, Cornell, Prevert, Max Ernst, as well as the eyebrow-raising inclusion of Victor Vasarely's Contes (1931-32), an appropriately funny though frightening image of a child's head, the eyes blanked out with blue ink (oh, those baby blues .