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Usually, I mused, a bit sophomorically, How can I make everyone happy?
They're a spirited blend of heart and humor, three strolling minstrels whose six-floor performance is almost sophomorically simple.
Of the numerous morsels being offered, I preferred the clean-edged, less cluttered, and less sophomorically scandalizing works of Nicolas de Lekuona, Cornell, Prevert, Max Ernst, as well as the eyebrow-raising inclusion of Victor Vasarely's Contes (1931-32), an appropriately funny though frightening image of a child's head, the eyes blanked out with blue ink (oh, those baby blues .
Instead of playing sophomorically with the word tolerance, he could have written about the problems people really face in the quest to live in the respectful way this mere word so inadequately labels.
As I pointed out in a CD-ROM Commentaries column in the April 1996 issue of IT, their sub-$500 NC was an ill-conceived idea fueled by these guys' obsessive desire to break the Wintel (Windows-Intel) hegemony, no matter how sophomorically.
But Stone--our most commercially successful political filmmaker--trivializes his visions by always enclosing them in the same sophomorically romantic tale: In a grab for fame, a young man colludes with corruption, only to realize his mistake and embrace a noble fate instead.
Perhaps the two best works included in the catalogue were not in the show, leading one to imagine that their loan was cancelled at the last minute by the Guggenheim Museum, where they were concurrently installed in the hastily assembled (and sophomorically titled) "Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated): Art from 1951 to the Present.
Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal is often sophomorically on-the-nose in its human/ape role reversals.
His take on the Greeks amounts to no more than a campy giggle; doubtless he would stage Sophocles in the same sophomorically debunking manner in which he handled Chikamatsu, as who would say, "Weren't they all a lot of patriarchal sillies?