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HISTORY is a subject which has been more effective than the soporific drugs in the market.
Some antihistamines have a soporific effect, which is why they can be used to make you go to sleep.
WITH the average price running for much of the day below the 130,000gns mark, yesterday's third and closing session of Book 1 had developed a more soporific feel than the previous two, which were the equivalent of having cymbals crashed in your ears every ten minutes or so, writes Richard Griffiths.
He reviews everything from high drama to cabaret sideshow, and the soporific poetics he advocates in the theater illuminate his own later work.
Given the soporific nature of much of the coverage, I was surprised that anyone could stir themselves to pick up a phone.
Lest you think the relaxation quotient of a song is in the ear of the beholder, the scientists say otherwise, claiming with admirable precision that Weightless is 11 per cent more soporific than any other song.
Soporific That included six fours before he pulled Steven Mullaney straight to the waiting Mark Wagh at deep square leg.
SNOOKER: Beaten Ricky Walden accused Rory McLeod of employing tactics which could kill snooker after a soporific Crucible clash went into extra-time.
On the night of the murder, Kayssi, a mechanical engineer in his 50s, gave each of his children glasses of juice in which he had melted Stilnox and Lexotanil pills, soporific drugs fatal at high dosage and known to be extremely dangerous for children.
Some suspect political enemies, members of Carinthia's Slovenian minority, freemasons, or even the Mossad of either manipulating Haider's car on that evening or trickling soporific liquid or other drugs into his drinks.
The constant ringing of Swiss cow bells appeared to have a soporific effect on Ferrer, who never got going as Federer swept through the first set in 26 minutes.
The narration is thoughtfully delivered, not lively, and the narrator nimbly changes between dialogues, including accents such as a Scottish burr, and narration, which has a precise, lilting delivery that can be a tad soporific.