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What encouraged you to return to lesbian ex-con country singer Bitsy Mae Harling in Logo's upcoming Sordid Lives?
SIR - The comments from Plaid's Ms Evans MEP and Cllr Adrian Hobson (Western Mail, October 11) highlight the inhumanity that Plaid Cymru will succumb to in a sordid attempt to garner a political advantage from what is indeed a heartbreaking situation.
BILLY JOEL: THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ANGRY YOUNG MAN follows musician Joel's big moments, his movement from pop to classical composition and on to Broadway, his sordid life, and more.
On the final page of your April 2005 issue, in the last sentence on a short piece about dog drug mules, the author states "Dogs are just the latest disgusting chapter in a sordid story, one likely to get worse rather than better until Colombia finally ends its horrific history with drugs" ["Point of View," April 2005].
Indeed, studies have suggested that sordid environments beget sordid behaviors (Sampson and Groves 1989).
The photographs in Lisa Kereszi's series "New York Stories" (2000-2004) present a captivating vision of the city's grand if sordid mystique.
Sordid brothel ( or a haven for the street girls: Today's report on the court appearance of brothel-keeper Brenda Wilson throws up a moral dilemma.
What sort of sordid drama will all of this political plotting produce?
Legal details about the sordid lives of famous "and not-so-famous Missourians are now available online.
The resulting series paints an appalling picture of squalid living conditions and sordid mistreatment.
The whole sordid history of industry-sponsored global warming opposition is here, as is the scientifically questionable campaign on behalf of biotech foods.
The scene is further complicated by the triangular relationship many Division I institutions and their head coaches have with different apparel companies, thus creating the impression that we are an indirect or direct beneficiary of the whole sordid process.