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Pressure sores are painful and debilitating and, if untreated, can cause serious injury and even death.
Compensation can range from PS10-20,000 for a typical pressure sore case to more than PS100,000 for the most severe cases.
Carmex Cold Sore Treatment has a suggested retail price of $14.
The majority of these sufferers acknowledge that a cold sore can be painful especially as it blisters and forms a crusty scab.
Type 1 causes most cases of facial cold sores while type 2 causes about 70-80% of genital herpes.
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have found that people affected by cold sores have a mutation in a gene, which means their immune system is not able to stop them from developing.
Viral sore throats are more common during the winter and usually settle after a few days.
She alleges that Mrs Cliggett developed further sores at home, and was readmitted to the University Hospital of Wales Cardiff with a "very severe" infection in the sore a few days later, and died in hospital on August 17 - with the pressure sore recorded as a cause of death.
It's skin contact with friction, so you're more likely to catch a cold sore off somebody if it's a long kiss, rather than just a peck on the lips," says Nigel Scott of the HVA.
Applying Melissa herb each day to the place where the sore appeared may stop it coming back.
I have had a sore on my tongue for more than three years.
I HAVE a new girlfriend and about two weeks ago she had a cold sore on her lip but we couldn't stop ourselves and we had oral sex.