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She said: "I was medicating myself for flu, taking paracetemol because I had a very sore head and flu-like symptoms.
Well, like a bear with a sore head that feels like its sore head has been stuck in a vice for a week and been forced to swallow a dozen razor blades.
Everyone loves a work Christmas party but sometimes the outcome can be more than a sore head," Eva Bojtos, from lastminute.
The incident was eerily similar to the Celtic spat between Aiden McGeady and Artur Boruc - but this time it was the big goalie who ended up with a sore head.
HAPPY 40th, JAMIE HINCE, who probably has a sore head today.
THE Duke of Edinburgh looked like a bearskin with a sore head yesterday at the annual Trooping of the Colour.
The next day he was seen getting some fresh air, presumably to help his sore head, strolling down Cullercoats beach with a pal.
EXIDE Bees favourite Stuart Robson was nursing a sore head today after a spectacular crash in front of the Sky TV cameras at Brandon last night.
Racecourse manager Steve Parlett said: "It was a freak accident but fortunately Mike is all right apart from having a bit of a sore head.
DUTCH brewing giant Heineken was left nursing a sore head after an "exceptionally challenging" UK beer market in 2008 hit sales of Foster's lager.
A long-term friend of Fergie told the Mole: "There are times when Alex can be like a bear with a sore head and you're wise not to go near certain sensitive subjects.
The minister of the Anglesey order and spokesman for the Jedi Church, said he was left with a sore head following the assault.