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she cried, clasping her beautiful hands sorrowfully.
Then she wept all the way back to Green Gables, where she sorrowfully put the remainder of the raspberry cordial back into the pantry and got tea ready for Matthew and Jerry, with all the zest gone out of the performance.
Oh, Marilla, I know by your face that it's been no use," she said sorrowfully.
That will be the end of me, all right," said the Scarecrow, sorrowfully.
The Dormouse took Pinocchio's wrist between her paws and, after a few minutes, looked up at him sorrowfully and said: "My friend, I am sorry, but I must give you some very sad news.
Sorrowfully did he go about and wearily; and he became like unto those of whom the soothsayer had spoken.
Not but that it's good, of course, to send money to the heathen, and I shouldn't want 'em not to send SOME there," sighed Pollyanna to herself, as she trudged sorrowfully along.
Now, as always, interference made him angry, and he felt sorrowfully at once how mistaken had been his supposition that his spiritual condition could immediately change him in contact with reality.
Seriously and sorrowfully I close this brief record.
He crossed the street with his eyes bent upon the ground, and thus was walking sorrowfully away, when he felt a touch upon his arm.
Why, I think you're fonder of me than Tom is," said Maggie, rather sorrowfully.
NNA - Member of Parliament, Serge Ter Sarkissian, on Wednesday noted that "the expense of trash deportation is very high and complicated," sorrowfully pointing out to the dead-end which the trash file has reached.